Hey, thanks y’all for tuning in!

My name is Titilayo. I am a Black Woman, I am a Journalism and Creative Writing student at Strathclyde University. I am currently studying abroad in the USA. I am fierce about politics and social justice. I sometimes think of myself as a student activist but constantly get so annoyed about politics, Racism, Sexism, LGBTQ+ phobia, Xenophobia, Islamophobia and the discrimination against disabled bodies, in this society, that I feel like hiding under my blanket and never coming out again.

And while Trump’s presidency has made so many things worse, I also feel ever more compelled to get up and do something about it…

Originally, I left for the US to give myself a break, step away from all that nerve racking activism I did in the UK (You have to believe me, I’ve got all my white hair from that!!). But frankly, I had to admit that I am not very good at staying off politics ! I quickly forgot about the ‘just hanging out’ and ‘having fun’ part and again devoted myself to going to protests and engaging in related community activities, as I learned my way around Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In the end, it is who I am. I feel it is my responsibility to speak up against the injustices I see or experience. It is up to us to make a difference, so that one day people can actually just hang out and not care about what is going on, without actually dismissing someone’s struggle…

So, while I am at it, I want to share my experience, I want to write for everyone who feels a little bit like me. If you feel strongly about equality, but equally know the doubts and the loneliness this brings, this is for you!! I will address both sides here, and touch some of the many intersections in between. Self-care and global politics, through a young Black Woman’s lens.

And because I am not invincible, I’d be very happy about comments and statements from you! Let me know what is close to your heart or what I missed!

Solidarity! Peace & Unity!




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